NamouthajiahSchoolINTERLINK Language Centers signed a partnership agreement with Namouthajiah Schools in Riyadh for a 3-year project to introduce and manage an English Language Program to the schools in all different grades. A highly-qualified team of trainers and administrators from INTERLINK at YU worked on the Namouthajiah Schools male and female campuses to introduce, monitor and improve an effective English language program to all students across grades.

The Project was committed to providing students with the best English learning experience and to training the English language teachers on project-based teaching and learning and to best help learners achieve the expected learning outcomes. This was achieved by offering an enriching learning environment that included the implementation of a project based curriculum and use of modern technologies and innovative teaching methods. The INTELP program team successfully trained, supervised and supported the English teachers at the schools and transformed the English learning experience for students.