HRDFSince INTERLINK at Al Yamamah University believes in its vital role in serving the Saudi community develop their functionality and abilities for better opportunities for young Saudis, it has provided the English language training to male and female students sponsored by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and pursuing specialized diplomas at Al Yamamah College of Continuing Education.

The program runs for two semesters of 16 weeks each providing the students with functional English language. The program starts with a placement test to place participants in the right levels.  It consists of two 8 week terms of general English and two 8 week terms of Specialized English (ESP) in the area relevant to the students’ diploma (Insurance, Human Resources or Banking).

The Project was committed to providing students sponsored by HRDF with the functional English language skills that are essential to increase their employability and to successfully function at their jobs and in life in general. This was achieved by offering an enriching learning environment that included the implementation of a project based curriculum and use of modern technologies and innovative teaching methods.