We are delighted you are considering the INTERLINK Language Center at Al Y​amamah University, one of the leading English-medium universities in the Kingdom and the region.​

Since its establishment at Al Yamamah University in 2004, INTERLINK’s unique approach to helping students learn has enabled students to:

  • achieve with distinction their academic studies in English,
  • bring home first- and second-place prizes in international debate competitions,
  • participate successfully in youth forums in Europe,
  • attend US, Canadian, and European universities, and
  • secure employment with leading corporations in the Kingdom.

This success stems​ from: admitting highly qualified and serious students; carefully monitoring their progress throughout their stay at INTERLINK; and providing a supportive and enjoyable learning environment. In specific terms, students’ success is attributable to their own diligence, encouraged and supported by their well-trained and caring international instructors; to an effective, experiential curriculum based on international standards; and to students’ full access to Al Yamamah facilities and events, such as lectures and symposia, international and local guest speakers on current issues, etc.

Since its foundation in the United States in 1980, INTERLINK has helped thousands of students and professionals to achieve their academic and professional goals, many at major universities in the United States, including Berkeley, Cornell, Duke, MIT, and The University of Pennsylvania among others. As professors, researchers, and executives at major international universities and corporations, our alumni are now using their skills to succeed and to serve others. Indeed, this INTERLINK’S mission: to help all our students, regardless of location, achieve not only proficiency in English but also cross-cultural, interpersonal, and academic skills needed for research, professional presentations, attendance at international academic institutions, conferences, and for acquiring employment with international corporations.

We hope you, too, will be able to take advantage of our unique learning environment, motivating and enriching academic and cultural opportunities, and state-of-the-art facilities to

With good wishes

Ahad Shahbaz,
Founder and President of INTERLINK
Khalid Al Khudair,
Founder and YU Chairman of the Board of Trustees