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In addition to teaching English in the Preparatory Program at Al Yamamah University, INTERLINK also teaches several academic-level courses for students in academic programs at Al Yamamah University. These academic courses are specialized in content to the students’ field of study and are meant to sharpen their academic skills and develop their specialized language.

These courses are offered only to Al Yamamah University academic level students in the BA and MA levels. The academic courses currently taught by INTERLINK at AL Yamamah are:

  • English Essay Writing                                       ENG 101
  • Technical Report Writing                                 ENG 201
  • Business English Writing                                 ENG 301

In addition to the ENG 101, ENG 201, ENG 301, ENG 102, which INTERLINK teaches for the different majors at YU, it also teaches some English medium electives: Debating & Dialogue Skills (DEB 101) and Great Texts in Humanities (NBE 304).