YU Employee English Course

Under the auspices of his excellency the President of Al Yamamah University, Dr. Hussein Al Freihi and her excellency the General Director of the INTERLINK Language Program at YU, Dr. Nebila Dhieb-Henia, and as part of the continuous cooperation between INTERLINK and Al Yamamah University, INTERLINK at YU offered free of charge English language classes to YU employees and faculty. The courses were conducted simultaneously on both campuses, men’s and women’s. The training program started on April 3rd and continued until May 12th. The training program consisted of three levels of English and it focused on the functional English and English for Specific Purposes based on the needs of the trainees. The English courses were very successful and the trainees, who were YU faculty and admin staff members, both enjoyed and benefited from the courses a great deal. At the end of the course, the President of YU, Professor Hussein Al Freihi along with the General Director of INTERLINK at YU, Dr. Nebila Dhieb-Henia, handed out certificates to the participants.

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