March 29-April 3, 2015 – G200 Youth Forum

An annual, international event, the G200 Youth Forum brings together young leaders from some 200 countries to discuss a wide array of global issues. The congregation of academics, parliamentarians, business leaders, and civil society representatives debate and discuss issues and topics ranging from economic markets and healthcare to human rights and technological innovation. At this year’s forum, organized by the Swiss-based G8 & G20 Alumni Association and held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Al Yamamah University was well represented by a highly motivated group of its top students, all of whom are INTERLNK graduates.

As ambassadors of their university and country, the Al Yamamah delegates exuded an air of professional conduct and intellectual prowess that reflected the quality of their education and left a lasting impression on their audiences. Their presentations and public speaking skills were a testament to the caliber of instruction INTERLINK at YU’s English language preparation and academic programs. One of the YU attendees, Saad Alaskar, is a shining example of what a student can accomplish through dedication and commitment. He joined INTERLINK at Al Yamamah as a beginner in level 2 and worked toward a level of fluency and presentation ability that enabled him to represent his university and country at one of the largest international events held for youth.

Please watch the interview with Saad AlAskar & Asaad AlAsaad: