The INTERLINK English program at Al Yamamah has helped me improve my presentation skills and confidence. It has trained me to become an independent learner. The INTERLINK program made a real difference in my language in a short period of time.

Hesham Alsufian Senior Student, Al Yamamah University

I have studied in several language programs in Saudi Arabia and I found that INTERLINK at Al Yamamah University is definitely the best. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to take advantage of the new teaching approach and the learning environment.

Challenging but enjoyable learning opportunity where you can learn by doing. This is a chance no one should miss. Study there and you will never regret.

Fares Al Hamdan Nation Water Company, Saudi Arabia

In INTERLINK at Al Yamamah I developed my reading skills such as skimming and I use them every day now. The communication classes in the INTERLINK program gave me the confidence and skills I need to do presentations on stage. Now I can present complicated topics to a large audience at work with confidence. Mock trial was unbelievably beneficial in teaching me how to work on a team.

The writing classes helped me learn how to best use words and listening activities dramatically enhanced my ability to use English in real situations.

Khalid Moulham Al Sabbagh Project Manager, Int'ltec Group, Skyband

The INTERLINK language program at Al Yamamah University taught me how to be confident. The English program at INTERLINK was a real added value for me in presentation skills. Now that sets me apart from my peers, especially in business meetings.

Isa Ogailan Regional Sales Capability & Development Manager, Al Safi Danone

In my previous days at Al Yamamah University, the INTERLINK program opened for me a lot of doors for learning English. It made my English learning experience much easier and better. In addition, it has helped me tremendously improve my communication skills through presenting in front of my classmates and teachers. Now, these skills set me apart from my peers now.

Rayan Barry General Manager's Assistant, Cisco - Saudi Arabia

My time at SILC thus far has been nothing short of remarkable. From landing in Riyadh until now, I have only been met with efficiency, professionalism and the utmost care. This extends to the classroom where SILC has outstanding and highly qualified instructors- experts in the field of English language teaching- who use their knowledge to inspire confidence within the students and ultimately generate outstanding results. SILC stands out because of its supportive, knowledgeable and approachable management team.

Having observed a number of lessons in my first week, I’ve been very impressed with the different teaching methodologies that each teacher utilises, as well as the students’ interaction and response to them. The students have noticeably natural speaking skills and are confident users of the English Language. Through the student-centered approach which is taken in the classroom, I have observed gifted and talented students from all over the world, flourish both inside and outside the classroom. There’s a glowing atmosphere at Al-Yamamah University and I hope to have a long lasting professional teaching experience with SILC.

English Instructor

I joined Saudi INTERLINK Language center at Al Yamamah University in September of 2012. My family joined me several months later from the United States. As I reflect back on my experience, joining the SILC organization was a great decision for myself and my family.  I have nothing but positive things to say about SILC management and faculty. SILC’s curriculum is unique and allows for teacher autonomy.  The teachers working for SILC are qualified and dedicated to their craft. The management team and support staff have always done everything in their power to help with new teacher transition, professional development and even maintenance on the accommodations. In addition, all the faculty has gone out of their way to help new teachers to adapt and align themselves to the SILC curriculum. The Instructional coordinators (IC’s) work closely to help teachers develop as SILC professionals. Furthermore, the Director and Assistant Director have been an integral part of this process. I would highly recommend SILC to anyone thinking about coming to the Middle East to teach.

English Instructor

Saudi INTERLINK is the most important asset in Al Yamamah University. This English program distinguishes the university from any other college or university in KSA. The skills I acquired and developed and the potential it ignited in my mind is what I carry with me to the job market and it is what makes me stand out among the crowd.

Sami Al Owaini HR Officer Dar Al Uloom University

The Saudi INTERLINK program has the unique feature of igniting creativity and potential in those students who are eager to achieve and succeed. I have seen this over and over throughout my long years of service. I have the great pleasure, and honor, to help students along this path, and I see how they grow and evolve. I am especially proud of those students I trained to participate in a GCC level public speaking competition in Dubai and feel so much professionally fulfilled to see how they win first place prizes in a competition that brings together students from top universities in the GCC countries.

Asaad Al Asaad English Language Instructor INTERLINK at Al Yamamah University & Student Activities Center Director

INTERLINK is a franchised language center, it provides intensive courses that cover all four major learning skills that prepares students eventually to take a TOEFL test. What I like? During my 4 courses in INTERLINK back in 2012, I was able to develop my skills according to their methods. Briefly, their communication classes provoked students to speak and practice a language in public and their essay writing classes were very beneficial later in academic classes. The faculty members are exceedingly professional, hardworking and aim to develop students.”

S. Bin Dekhail

INTERLINK is one of the most successful departments in YU. It helps students to improve and develop their language. They also have highly qualified instructors. There is one negative point that I see in them-they always give students lots of homework, never mind if they have exams or midterms! They push students really hard.

G. AlSaud

In Al Yamamah University, we have an English course called the INTERLINK. It’s really beneficial and our English writing and communications skills had really progressed throughout the levels. We also had an amazing experience learning from their highly educated instructors; they were really helpful in a lot of aspects.

M. Al Shalhoub

My experience with SILC was primarily with their English and Business Writing courses. These courses not only improved my creative and technical writing skill-set but also greatly complemented my Marketing education with their emphasis on technical marketing documents. I appreciated how the class structure was geared towards not only improving my writing skills but also training me as a future business graduate. As a graduate, I appreciate the practical skills I learned from these classes, such as case-study writing and analysis, reports and summaries, business plans among others, as well as the soft-skills coaching that came along with these classes. To give an example, the course structure forced me to improve my time-management and multitasking abilities with its constant stream of varied tasks with different difficulty levels. Furthermore, the instructors were always more than willing to have one-on-one sessions and provide constructive feedback. The courses not only complemented my business education but also prepared me for the job market and has helped me tremendously in my professional life.

R. Faiz

INTERLINK in AlYamamah University is one of the best places to learn English. It provides students the best educational environment; they also provide native English speakers as teachers from around the world

A. AlMousa

INTERLINK is a perfect and complete program that gives the opportunity for students to learn the English language. The program is running by the best and the most qualified teachers who deliver the lessons with the easiest methods. In my experience, I truly liked learning new things every day in a creative way. We had the option to choose our areas of interests as subjects of the research that we had done at that time. Fortunately, during my time there, I had the best native speakers as teachers who taught me and helped me obtain the best level of speaking and pronunciation. I liked the creativity of the methods that the teachers came up with in order for the students to gain full knowledge. To sum up, the INTERLINK program gave me the chance to feel like I have lived in U.S.

G. AlKhayyal

My experience with the INTERLINK Program is highly positive. It teaches students more than just English language skills. It prepares them for the work place by teaching important skills such as body language, presentations, analysis and technical report writing which has benefited me in my business study and my work at the United Nations.

S. AlMorshid

In my orientation year, I was enrolled into INTERLINK and the program was amazing. It enhanced my writing and speaking skills. We had different activities ranging from class work to in class games such as pictogram. The teachers were amazing and very helpful inside and outside the class. I highly recommend the program to those who are looking forward to learning English and for those who want to enhance their skills as it is very motivational since their teachers are very sincere when it comes to teaching their students English skills.

E. Ahmed

INTERLINK is a very pragmatic program that has equipped me with competent English speaking and communication skills. The skills acquired through this program have given me an edge over my colleagues. Through INTERLINK, I mastered not only powerful professional writing skills, but also gained confidence to speak eloquently in a public setting. I had an amazing experience studying here as it promotes creative learning. The teachers are very friendly, supportive and provide individualized attention to students. The course had many fun activities planned as a group, which contributed to my team management skills. Overall, it was a profitable step towards my professional development.

A. Mustafa